Sep 25, 2007 at 5:26 pm

Detroit's own HiFi Handgrenades -- not yet a year old, without a record deal (and originally designed solely as a side project for John Speck, formerly of the politically-correct named Fags) -- were just tapped by Dave Grohl himself to join the Foo Fighters on the first leg of their upcoming tour.

The Handgrenades were recording at the Foo Fighters' 606 West Studios in L.A. (the Handgrenades are managed by the Foos' tour manager, Gus Brandt) and Grohl just happened to pop his head in and listened to two songs. He reportedly loved what he heard ... so the D-Town native sons will be joining him on tour this fall. The tour actually kicks off next week, though no Detroit date has been announced as of yet. The Handgrenades plan to finish their debut album after the tour concludes, by which time they should have a whole lotta new fans in other parts of the world. Congrats, dudes!

John Speck: Friend of the Foos!