The porn website fleshbot, which subtitles itself "Pure Filth" (God, I'm so pleased to be the one to tastefully bring porn to the Metro Times' music blog!), has presented a theory on the supposed "Meg White sex tape" that's all over the Internet. The site has suggested that the person in question could possibly be porn star Natasha Nice ... although what they've posted is far from conclusive:

"[A] Fleshbot reader noted the similarities between its female star and big-boobed porn starlet Natasha Nice. While repeat views of the video in question have made us even less convinced that it's actually Meg, we're not convinced it's Natasha either, even if there's a certain resemblance: same round face, same magnificent tits, same penchant for wearing neck jewelry during sex (though the babe in the video isn't sporting the belly button ring that Natasha is in her porn appearances and seems to be a good twenty pounds heavier than her glossier porn doppelganger.) So let's just file this latest development under "inconclusive" for the time being: at most, we've done everything we could to assure that Meg's honor remains unbesmirched by sex tape rumor tawdriness, and at the very least we've introduced you to a hot porn babe with magnificent tits and a penchant for wearing neck jewelry during sex. Isn't that good enough?"


So, you, dear reader, can be the judge:



Natasha Nice


We're, of course, going to take the high road and not post another word on this subject ... that is, of course, until there's more to post.

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