Get burgers, beer, and booze at Boston's

Feb 25, 2015 at 1:00 am

Located just off Hall Road in the eastside suburb of Shelby Township sits Boston's. Just one in nearly 400 establishments of the franchise, this chain restaurant has everything you might expect from, well, a chain restaurant. A smiling hostess awaits you at the door and ushers you to your gaily upholstered booth, where upon a smiling server suggests Coke products, iced tea, or possibly even a Bud Light.

A glass wall outside the restaurant separates the patio from the sidewalk. On it, key menu points are emblazoned with "pasta, pizza, salads," and while this does sum up the menu, their edible offerings are really so much more. Twisted mac and cheese, baked sausage tortelloni, wings, appetizers, and pizzas, pizzas, pizzas.

The food is served quickly — so quickly you'll wonder at the magic of how quickly it was made. Burgers are big and juicy, and come coupled with gooey seasoned fries. You can add a salad for like two bucks.

Their beverage program consists of "low calorie" cocktails, refreshing mojitos, martinis, margaritas, and wine. Their beer menu is quite impressive, including domestic brands like Bud, Bud Light, Miller, Michelob, and O'Douls. Listed under imports you'll find names like Dos Equis, Stella Artois, Blue Moon, New Castle, Heineken, Sam Adams, and Corona. Really, what more could you ask for? Well, they also have beer and cider cocktails and even a printed menu of shots.

While one half of the restaurant is a family-friendly dining room where you'll find young couples, families, and business types noshing on the gourmet pizzas this place is known for; the other half is a sleek and sophisticated bar with booths and high-top tables that are perfect for a business lunch or for grabbing a late night bite. While their beverage program is fully curated, you'll find a full bar with all your favorite liquors, liqueurs, and mixers ready to make your special go-to drink.

In terms of entertainment, the radio plays a stream of pop hits from Britney Spears tunes to "Glamorous" by Fergie. A menagerie of large flat-screen TVs lines the circumference of the restaurant's interior. They broadcast every sport from golf to basketball to whatever's seasonal. Coupled with cold beer, filling food, and friendly service, there isn't much else you can want at Boston's.