Why Social Connections Can Be the Best Medicine

Do you fancy yourself a lone wolf, or are you a social butterfly? We all need rest and solo time to recharge our batteries, but spending time with others is equally important. In fact, there is plenty of evidence suggesting that humans thrive on community. The whole “it takes a village” mantra isn’t just about child-rearing but a sentiment best used to express the human need to interact with others.

This can look like so many things, and how we choose to share time with our loved ones might look different from person to person. The important thing is that we carve out time to do so.

Benefits of Socializing

We all know that hanging out with friends is fun, but did you know that it's also good for your health? That's right, socializing has numerous mental and physical health benefits, and adding a little THC-infused sparkling seltzer (wynk, wynk) can enhance the experience. But let's dive into the science behind why socializing is so important.

When we interact with others, our brains release feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin, which can help to improve our overall well-being. Research shows that having an active social life can provide a number of benefits.

Longer Lifespan

People that have social networks and support from friends and family tend to have longer lifespans overall. In contrast, those who live a secluded or isolated lifestyle can lead to loneliness, which leads to a reduced quality of life.

Improved Mental and Emotional Health

Spending time with others increases good moods and helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Social connections can also help you build empathy for others, which leads to stronger bonds across more diverse groups throughout communities.

Better Physical Health

Spending time with others leads to healthier habits like eating better and getting more exercise. Research shows that social engagements can strengthen the immune system, reducing the chances of catching colds and flus. While this is especially true for older folks, it’s wise to develop healthy habits that you can carry with you for life.

Reduced Risk of Dementia

New evidence supports the theory that socialization throughout life can help prevent the development of dementia in later years. Social connection boosts brain health and enhances memory and cognitive awareness. Spending time socializing is an easy way to keep that brain young!

How Cannabis Enhances Social Experiences

Now, let's talk about how cannabis can enhance the socializing experience. THC and CBD (the two main cannabinoids found in cannabis plants) are a dynamic duo, especially when infused into a beverage. Cannabis drinks are growing in popularity, and people ditch their booze for a healthier alternative but still want to catch a light buzz.

This is where Wynk sparkling seltzers come in. For newcomers and aficionados alike, Wynk seltzers are the perfect social beverage. They contain a microdose of THC and CBD that balance each other out to provide a mellow, feel-good buzz that doesn’t leave you feeling parched or hungover like traditional happy hour. More and more people are incorporating drinks like Wynk into their social activities.

These tasty beverages provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere that can make hanging out with friends even more enjoyable. You can invite your friends over for a game night, host a potluck, go camping, hiking, golfing, or do any number of similar activities. You may notice that many of these activities also provide cognitive engagement or physical exercise – or even both. We already talked about the additional benefits to brain health that come along with cognitive and physical activities. So, it’s a great idea to choose social activities that are also physically and cognitively engaging.

It's important to remember to use cannabis products responsibly and only if you are 21 or over. Always follow consumption laws and don’t drink THC beverages or consume them in public. While the health benefits of socializing and using cannabis products are clear, it's always important to follow the law and use these products in a safe and appropriate manner.

Pair Your Socializing With Wynk

Socializing is crucial for both mental and physical health. And using products like Wynk THC sparkling seltzers can enhance those interactions and make them even more memorable. Wynk seltzers come in Lime Twist, Black Cherry Fizz, and Juicy Mango, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Enhance your social engagements with Wynk by finding a retailer near you.


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