These 35 cops in Wayne County have been deemed untrustworthy to testify in court

Jul 16, 2020 at 2:49 pm
click to enlarge Detroit police car. - Steve Neavling
Steve Neavling
Detroit police car.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy on Thursday released a list of 35 police officers in Wayne County who have been deemed untrustworthy to testify in court cases.

The names are part of what’s called the Brady-Giglio list, named after a pair of U.S. Supreme Court rulings that require police departments and prosecutors to divulge evidence that could help the defense.

The list is a compilation of officers who have committed offenses involving theft, dishonesty, fraud, false statements, bias, or bribery. Some have been fired; others are still on the job.

Of the 35 officers, 27 are from the Detroit Police Department.

“Because trials will begin again mid-August and September, we thought it was important to send this out to our prosecutors and defense attorneys,” Worthy says in a statement. “We are taking the additional step of releasing the list to the public, because in an era of criminal justice reform, it just makes sense. We will repeat this process quarterly and expect to release an updated list in September.”

Here are the names and the reason they’re on the list:
  • Chancellor Searcy, DPD, Dishonesty and false statements
  • Charles Lynem, DPD, Dishonesty and false statements
  • John McKee, DPD, False statement
  • Steven Fultz, DPD, False statement
  • Nevin Hughes, DPD, False statement
  • William Little, DPD, False statement
  • Sean Harris, DPD, False statement
  • Myron Weathers, Highland Park/DPD, Fraudulent activity
  • William Melendez, Inkster, False statement
  • Sheila Reed, DPD, Theft and dishonesty
  • Kevin Dowe, Wayne County Sheriffs Department, Embezzlement,
  • Lashaundra Ferguson, DPD, Fraudulent activity
  • Harold Rochon, DPD, Misconduct in office
  • Michael Dailey, DPD, Fraudulent activity
  • Richard Billingslea, DPD, Obstruction of justice
  • Michael Lynch, Harper Woods, Larceny
  • Michael Merritt, DPD, Larceny
  • Tyrone Kemp, DPD, Fraudulent activity
  • Michael Collins, DPD, Fraudulent activity
  • Diamond Greenwood, DPD, Obstruction of justice
  • Naim Brown, DPD, Bribery
  • Christopher Staton, DPD, Fed. conviction
  • David Hansberry, DPD, Fed. conviction
  • Bryan Watson, DPD, Fed. conviction
  • Michael Mosley, DPD, Fed. conviction
  • Robert S. Smith, Wayne County Sheriff's Department, Retail Fraud
  • Phillip Smith, Lincoln Park, Untruthfulness
  • James Fontana, Lincoln Park, Untruthfulness
  • Jamil Martin, DPD, Fed. conviction
  • Deonne Dotson, DPD, Fed. conviction
  • Christopher Fey, Van Buren, Untruthfulness
  • Alex Vinson, DPD, Larceny
  • Charles Willis, DPD, Fed. conviction
  • Anthony Careathers, DPD, Fed. conviction
  • Marty Tutt, DPD, Fed. conviction
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