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So the rumor is that Jack White and his new band, Dead Weather, are playing a "surprise" show at the Magic Stick this Friday night, June 12th. Looks like a pretty reliable rumor; I even received an invite earlier this week on Facebook to join the Majestic Theatre's new fan page, where a "big announcement" will be coming Friday morning, encouraging us to get all our friends to become fans as well so "they don't miss out." There have also been reports that Jack and company threatened to cancel the show if word of the concert started to make it on the Internets prior to the announcement (sorta reminds me of when the Stones threatened the same thing before their "surprise" show at Masonic Auditorium back during the Some Girls tour...or when Green Day threatened to pull their "suprise" show at the El Rey Theater in L.A. two years ago...oh, wait! Neither of those bands actually made that threat...Never mind, then...We still dig control freakdom, nevertheless). At any rate, there are reportedly no advance ticket sales; how could there be when the "big announcement" isn't coming until Friday morning? So it looks like a first come, first serve kinda deal. I imagine the line outside the Majestic should be long this Friday afternoon...but for those of you who don't want to wait outside for hours, the band will be playing an "official" show at the Fillmore on July 24th. You'll even have a chance to actually hear the music (so you can recognize it -- aside from the few lackluster cuts already out there -- and know if you're even gonna like it and stuff before that one)...

In other news, there's reportedly some sort of major sports event downtown Detroit this Friday night as well.

Finally, we reported a few days ago that Scott Morgan is reuniting at least part of the Rationals for a reunion show at the Magic Bag next month. Well, July appears to be the month of Detroit reunions at the Bag. In addition to a few other reunion shows, Coldcock -- one of D-Town's premier punk bands from the late '70s -- will be reuniting for one show only at the Magjc Bag on Friday, July 17th. All original members -- including, among others, singer Andy Peabody, guitarist Vince Bannon (cofounder of Bookies, who went onto greater things in the music industry in L.A.), and drummer Bootsey X (aka Bob Mulrooney) -- are set to get back together. I saw them open for former New York Doll Johnny Thunders and his Heartbreakers at Bookies back in the day and they were outstanding. Saw them later at Dooley's in East Lansing -- they headlined -- where they were just so-so, which might mean the band was hit and miss (but I was also told one of the band members was ill for that latter show). Whatever the case, I'll be there if they simply promise to do their phenomenal Ramones-like, punk-pop cover of J. Frank Wilson/Wayne Cochran's "Last Kiss."

Now, how about a reunion of the Motor City Mutants...?

Jack and Bob: Separated at birth...?

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