Lost Boys

Oct 10, 2013 at 8:46 am

I haven't climbed atop my don't forget to pay attention to Ypsi-soap box in a while, so I feel I'm due.


Lost Boys have a pretty basic band name but I feel it aptly captures the nature of most bands currently shouldering their way into your regular rock venues - That is, its made up of a number of musicians who've already run with some other packs, performing with other projects (like Arbor/Ypsi bands: Del Brutto or Nightlife) - thus drifting together to form something new and altogether different from their other enterprises. Also, for a twist, there's two girls in this group of "Boys."


What you'll get are gnarly guitars sidewinding and surfing, boy-girl vocals trading off lead vocals from track to track and slamming drums on a slight bit of skins - If the Pixies were more of a scabby garage thing or if Jonathan Richman paid regular enthusiastic visits to Billy Childish's basement for raw jam sessions... Yes, maybe something close to that...

Listen further - Lost Boys - "Doll House"