Reviewing In The Valley Below’s Peaches EP

Oct 10, 2013 at 7:48 am

LA rock band In the Valley Below are touring the States and Europe up until the end of the year, playing just about everywhere but, wait, no Detroit date. This is incredibly annoying, especially because they’re actually very good. (I know, a decent LA band post-1988. Weird, huh?) The male/female vocal interplay between Jeffrey Jacob and Angela Gail is used remarkably effectively to create both bombastic and haunting noises through glorious harmony. Gail in particular has a beautiful croon that has helped the band get high regarded spots on the Reading and Leeds Festivals in England, and the David Letterman Show. There’s a wonderful ’80s sound on here that recalls the likes of Shakespeare’s Sister, Simple Minds and even Dollar. It’s not without its cheese, but everyone knows that, in moderation, dairy is awesome. It’s all tied together by some gorgeous song writing and, while the hipster factor is pushed, it’s not prominent. Now book a damned Detroit date, for fuck’s sake.