Julie on Jeopardy! confused Jack White with Eminem

click to enlarge Jack White (not Eminem) and Julie. - Screenshots
Jack White (not Eminem) and Julie.

Detroit was represented on last night's Jeopardy! Under the category of "Vinyl Resting Place" for $1,200, host Alex Trebek offered the following clue: "A recent vinyl resurgence has been aided by this musician, who built a pressing plant in his Detroit hometown."

He also showed a photo of Get Behind Me Satan-era Jack White. The answer, of course, was Jack White.

That's when a contestant named Julie buzzed and guessed, "Who is Eminem?" This, of course, is wrong. That was not a photo of Eminem. It was a photo of Jack White.

Now, in Julie's defense, the photo was from the mid-early 2000s, when Jack White looked his rap-rockingest, sporting a fedora, goatee, soul patch, and pencil mustache. And yeah, both Jack White and Eminem are white dudes from Detroit, and Eminem was even recently in the news for his facial hair choices. However, the fact remains: the correct answer was Jack White, not Eminem.

As a reminder for Julie, this is what Eminem looks like:

White's latest single, "Connected by Love" backed with the electronic-infused "Respect Commander," was released earlier this week. It's available on limited edition colored vinyl from White's aforementioned Detroit pressing plant on Saturday at Third Man Records Cass Corridor.

Enjoy the hilariously incorrect clip below.

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