City Slang: Party-goer steals from Seger

20-year-old Andrew Thompson was arrested on Tuesday and charged with stealing from Bob Seger’s house during a party thrown by Seger’s 16-year-old daughter.

As Gawker put it, what the hell was a 20-year-old doing at 16-year-old girl’s party?

But anyway, Thompson is alleged to have taken some cash, a Rolex, a pair of sneakers autographed by Shaquille O’Neal and, biggest of all, a 1978 Gibson Les Paul that featured on Bob’s Greatest Hits album. Police say Thompson admits to taking everything but the guitar.

“It mysteriously showed up right after I talked to him, but he denied he took it,” Orchard Lake Detective Darrell Betts said to CBS Detroit. “That was my main goal, getting that guitar back It’s priceless.”

Apparently, the man/boy is known to the Segers.

“They trusted this kid,” Betts said.

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