Bob Seger releases video for new single, "Detroit Made"

Sep 23, 2014 at 12:51 pm

The world hasn't heard new material from Bob Seger since 2006's Face the Promise, but now the Michigander is getting ready to release his newest effort, Ride Out. "Detroit Made" is a wise choice for a first single. The rollicking tune lets listeners know that Seger still has some gas in the tank. In classic Seger fashion, the song rocks and rolls but with enough twang to appeal to the country crowd. 

The video, however, seems more like a commercial by Detroit's tourism board, a montage of landmarks, architecture, cars, and ruins in the city without any musical-performance footage. A large amount of the clip, featuring Detroit's automotive legacy, was filmed at this year's Woodward Dream Cruise.

Frame after frame, it's one Detroit cliche after another. It's understandable that the lyrical content would influence the setting of the video, but this is overkill. Furthermore, the imagery is focused on Detroit's history, old muscle cars juxtaposed with an obligatory shot of the train station, instead of showing Detroit's progress of bouncing back.

"Detroit Made" was written by Grammy Award nominated singer-songwriter John Hiatt. Aside from his prolific solo career, Hiatt has written songs for a slew of artists, including Linda Ronstadt, Willie Nelson, Mandy Moore, and Iggy Pop.