Raise the Bar: Three Blind Mice

Nov 19, 2014 at 1:00 am

It's been about a year since Three Blind Mice opened its heavy wooden door in downtown Mount Clemens; in fact, it just celebrated its first birthday last week. The beer- and whiskey-focused pub varies greatly from the rest of the bars and restaurants that line the city's main drag. It stands out from the crowd, yet its warm and inviting nature helps it fit right in with its neighbors.

The bar itself is quite cozy. It's outfitted in dark wood and leather chairs, and everything is tied together by brass embellishments, making it feel festive when we popped in last week when a light snow was falling from a gloomy, gray sky. It's worth noting that they distribute real (and quite heavy) silverware and cloth napkins when a meal is ordered, and beers are served in the correct glassware. Lanterns that look straight out of a medieval cathedral hang from the ceiling, and a stack of (presumably) whiskey barrels make up the back wall.

It's really no different from other hip beer-and-whiskey bars (except, perhaps, the refreshingly absent hipsters). It reaches for that certain old-fashioned aesthetic that fits so perfectly with such establishments, making it a destination for beer-and-whiskey bar connoisseurs.

One thing that does distinguish Three Blind Mice from its competitors is that in addition to offering a slew of craft brands, they aren't too snobby to offer bottles and drafts like Bud Light or Labatt — and it's obvious their patrons appreciate that.

Don't get us wrong; here crafts far outweigh the available mass-manufactured pilsners and lagers. The craft beer menu is expansive, including selections from St. Bernardus, Flying Monkey, and Clown Shoes. Michigan labels include respected names like Dragonmead, Jolly Pumpkin, Griffin Claw, Cranker's, Odd Side, and Right Brain, and they have a multitude of selections in both bottle and on draft.

There's also a big focus on whiskey, but you'll find that big names outweigh local labels. Whiskey brands include Elijah Craig, Tullamore Dew, Knob Creek, Bushmills, Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's, and Crown Royal. They scale the wall, climbing so high that a ladder is necessary to reach the top shelf. We only spotted Valentine's Woodward Whiskey and New Holland's Beer Barrel Bourbon representing local distilleries, but the selection is impressive nonetheless.

Ordering from such a place can often be a daunting task, but one needs only to request a copy of The Beer Bible to feel more at east. This text elaborates on each of the beers and whiskeys at Three Blind Mice, as well as their wine selections.

As for food, there is a fine and tasty menu of pub-inspired fare available until 10 p.m every night. There's burgers and sandwiches, fish and chips, and a few salads and it's all served quickly, making it a great place to grab lunch. We highly recommend getting the pub chips. To finish off their offerings, every Wednesday through Saturday, there's live music downstairs and on Friday nights they open their second floor for either live music or a DJ.