Mark your calendars for Pig & Whiskey 2016

Get ready for another epic summer celebration of two of God's greatest gifts to man: barbecue and whiskey. 

On July 15-17 in downtown Ferndale, you get yet another chance to feast upon the culinary trifecta of BBQ, whiskey, and beer — and since you'll be feeling so good, bands will be there playing music you'll just HAVE to dance to. 

Tons of Southeast Michigan's best barbecue joints will be showing up and showing off, and have we mentioned the whiskey yet? Wait, of course we have, and yeah, there will be so much of it. 

While we try to include these two essential components of any well-balanced diet in our daily lives as much as possible, we'll be eagerly awaiting the chance to celebrate it with a bunch of strangers (new friends!) too. Stay in the loop via the event's Facebook page
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