Magicians of nutrition

Oct 23, 2002 at 12:00 am
Though many of us enjoy riding the range and greasing the griddle, professional chefs cooking up delicacies and specialties in their kitchens make it all look so easy. And, at bottom, it probably is — when you’ve trained and practiced for years. Chow!!, Metro Times’ food supplement, opens the new season with a cook’s tour of some of metro Detroit’s finest culinary establishments, talking with the chefs who’ve turned them into can’t-miss destinations on the dining map — and, most importantly, getting them to divulge some of their secrets de cuisine. In this issue, five great Motor City chefs give out five mouthwatering recipes for lovely eating — thus making it possible for us mere mortals to try them at home. Or if you prefer, just call for reservations.

Bon appetit!

Tribute's Takashi Yagihashi refines the yin and yang of multicultural cuisine.
• Mind-morphing means sweet surrender to Agave's chef Carlos Bonilla.
• Laurent Devin keeps the Gallic fires burning at Elaine Bistro Français.
Udipi's Thilagam Pandian cooks her way to places of the heart.
Loving Spoonful ladles out the full flavor of Shawn Loving's approach.

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Chow!! was prepared by arts editor George Tysh and food writers Elissa Karg, Jane Slaughter and Dan DeMaggio. Send comments to [email protected]