Drink up

Dec 9, 2015 at 1:00 am

Pikesville Rye

55% ABV

In the days prior to Prohibition, the state of Maryland had a booming rye whiskey industry. You can guess what the 21st Amendment did to those distilleries.

Though most remained shuttered after the law was repealed, Pikesville alone returned to uphold the tradition of making the same straight rye whiskey it first produced in 1895.

These days Pikesville Rye isn't distilled in Maryland. Heaven Hill bought the brand and brought it down to Kentucky, where the fire water is made and stored in extra-aged barrels for six years.

The award-winning pale copper whiskey is dry and spicy with tasting notes of honeyed rye and cloves that finish with the smooth flavor of vanilla and baking spices. Drink it neat or enjoy it in a classic Manhattan cocktail.