Best of Detroit 2015

Let's face it: People from Detroit have a little something extra. Maybe it's a little swagger. Perhaps it's a bit of attitude. You could say we know the real thing, and we can smell a phony a mile away. They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, but we know better.

To thrive in Detroit requires that something extra, a special smoothness, some additional spice, or that fundamental authenticity that puts you over the top — all while playing to one of the toughest audiences available.

Too long, other metropolitan regions have thumbed their noses at metro Detroit, even as they've gratefully accepted our exports — our cars, our music, our talented actors, our home-grown products. But that's changing: The spotlight is on our fair city in a way it hasn't been for 50 years. These days, international media come to town to take the measure of our musicians, activists, restaurateurs, artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs. Naturally, we think it's not only deserved but long past due.

For proof, one need only look at our big Best of Detroit issue, a sort of showcase of the very things that make our region sensational, with a jibe or two to boot. And you'll be guided through this pageant of wonders by none other than those lovable scamps embedded in the scene, our scribes, who bring you the latest on Detroit week after week.

So excuse us if we're a little cocksure, but when you add up everything we have to offer, it just goes right to your head.

“Big head” photo shoot: Photos by Marvin Shaouni. Models provided by the Parade Company: Jennifer Barylski, Patty Flack. John White, Larry Pocza, Dave Ewart, Kari Shepley, Scott Stein, Matthew Freeman.