Another ‘immersive’ exhibit is coming to Detroit — this time based on Disney movies

The Disney Animation Immersive Experience will feature art and music from classics like ‘The Lion King’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’

Oct 6, 2022 at 3:27 pm
click to enlarge A rendering of the Disney Animation Immersive Experience. - Screenshot
A rendering of the Disney Animation Immersive Experience.

Detroit has seen trendy “immersive” digital mapping exhibitions like Immersive Van Gogh and Immersive Klimt exhibits in recent months, with Immersive King Tut on its way. What’s next, a digital projection mapping exhibit of Immersive Lion King?

Actually, yes. Well, sort of.

Disney Animation Studios and Lighthouse Immersive are teaming up to bring us the Disney Animation Immersive Experience this winter. The companies announced the exhibit Thursday afternoon.

It will feature songs and animation from Disney classics like The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Snow White, Encanto, The Jungle Book, and more.

The Disney Animation Immersive Experience will debut in Toronto in December before making its way to Detroit, Cleveland, Boston, Columbus, Denver, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Nashville, and San Antonio.

“As we look at our legacy of films, especially on the eve of celebrating our 100th anniversary, we wanted to see if there were new and unexpected ways to bring our most iconic stories and characters to audiences around the world,” Walt Disney Animation Studios President Clark Spencer said at a press conference Thursday. “Over the past few years, immersive experiences utilizing projection mapping technology had become a very popular form of entertainment and we were intrigued, so we started to investigate what might be possible.”

Describing the exhibit, Spencer said, “just imagine being completely immersed in the world of Arendelle or the Serengeti as the art, the animation, and the music of Frozen or the Lion King surround you.”

While critics have compared the digital exhibitions to “wall-sized screen savers,” the “immersive” trend has clearly caught on, with Lighthouse Immersive’s Van Gogh exhibit drawing more than 5 million people around the country.

Like the Van Gogh, Klimt, and King Tut shows, the Disney Animation Immersive Experience will take place in Detroit at Lighthouse ArtSpace at 311 E. Grand River Ave. (the former Harmonie Club building).

Exact dates have yet to be announced. More info is available at

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