People in states with legal weed think the laws are pretty, pretty good, study finds

click to enlarge People in states with legal weed think the laws are pretty, pretty good, study finds
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This just in: people like weed.

OK — so, while that may be true for many, recent polling data reveals that folks who live in a state where recreational marijuana is legalized are pretty satisfied with the laws and consider them to be a success, High Times reports.

Of a survey of 32,000 adults, including a selection of people in legal weed states Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusettes, Maine, and Michigan, pollster YouGov found that people are mostly satisfied with the legislation. Though it's not clear if the folks polled are active participants in the, um, recreational herbal arts, we suspect approval numbers would be much, much higher if they were. Get it? Higher?

In fact, 56% of the 844 people surveyed in Michigan say our recreational laws are “only a success or more of a success than a failure,” with just 20% who think the laws are a complete failure or “more of a failure than a success.”

All in all, to put it in Larry David terms, recreational weed is working out pretty, pretty, pretty good for us. Earlier this week, it was reported that Michigan's legal weed industry topped $100 million in sales since December. Pretty good, indeed.

As for other states, it comes as no surprise that Colorado, one of the first states to approve recreational legalization in 2012, favors the law by 71%, according to the poll. Nearly two-thirds of polled Oregonians find the laws to be successful, as do 67% of Massachusettsians (wait, that's what they're called?), while 65% of those in Washington, and, in California, 59% are feeling the rec weed vibes.

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