An angry letter from a weed dealer

Won’t somebody think about the weed man?

Apr 25, 2023 at 10:27 am
click to enlarge It’s tough out there on the streets. - Shutterstock
It’s tough out there on the streets.

In last week’s 4/20 issue, we looked at problems caused by Michigan’s legal cannabis industry. However, we missed one important perspective... the humble weed man, aka the “caregivers” that operate outside the licensed system. —Lee DeVito, editor in chief

I’m just some lazy pothead that wants to sit around on their lazy ass growing marijuana, instead of working a real job at Walmart like a real man. ...

The statistics and numbers speak for themselves. Only 15% of the us population is self-employed. So then we are left with the question, of that 15%, what percentage would relate to some pot dealer, that doesn’t want to get a “Real Job”? ...

It’s been the position media, politicians, and corporations from the beginning. That caregiver marijuana, “Black Market Marijuana,” was BAD! Tomato tomato, tomato’s are good tomato’s are bad, blah blah blah, more propaganda, shady political tactics, and double speak.

What every single person can, understand or relate to is this one simple question.

What happens when you take the amount of money that the state is collecting in taxes, and the amount of money these corporate cannabis business are making each month, out of the hands of the working class, the “Poors” what ever the fuck you want to call the 80% of the country. This money existed prior to legalization. People that smoke pot didn’t just start smoking pot because Big Brother made it legal. That money existed prior, and that money was spent in the community. That’s the story! And that story isn’t being told!

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