Tangerine Supper Club owner Darnell Small will probably be moving soon

Apr 30, 2015 at 4:27 pm
A couple months ago, we reported about two black-owned businesses that were experiencing difficulties operating in the city of Detroit. One business owner claimed his landlord just wanted the space back, while another called his former landlords racist.  

One of those businesses owners was Darnell Small. He owns Tangerine Supper Club, a restaurant and lounge that's housed inside the same building where Atwater Brewery operates. Rivertown Holdings, a company owned by Atwater owner Mark Rieth, owns the building. Small and Rivertown Holdings entered into a bitter legal battle at the onset of their business relationship. Rivertown Holdings has attempted to evict Small and his business from the building several times.

Eventually Rivertown Holdings succeeded, and Small's motions for an appeal weren't met. 

Yesterday Rivertown Holdings filed an emergency application for writ of eviction. Essentially, if the motion were passed, Small would need to vacate the property right away.

A hearing was set to be held this morning at 9 a.m., but according to Small's attorney, Jan Rubinstein, the judge adjourned the hearing until May 11. But, Rubinstein says, that court date might be moot. 

"We're probably going to get this settled in the interim," says Rubinstein. "I am optimistic." 

But a settlement won't mean that Small and Tangerine will stay in their current location. "Part of any settlement that we're going to reach will require Mr. Small to turn over procession," says Rubinstein. "We're hoping to settle outside of court."