Restaurant Hospitality magazine names Ghost Bar's Witching Hour one of the best cocktails in the country

Nov 14, 2014 at 2:32 pm
In an article that was posted on Nov. 3, Restaurant Hospitality named Ghost Bar's Witching Hour cocktail to a list of the best in the country. 

The story appears monthly trade publication's November edition where they sought out “perfectly made cocktails simply to celebrate the joys of life.”

The categories were based on the key alcohol ingredient (i.e. gin, whiskey bourbon, tequila, vodka, shrub, rum, and dessert.)

The Witching Hour, which includes Valentine Vodka's White Blossom, a elderflower-infused vodka, Chambord, limoncello, raw sugar, and fresh lemons, won in the vodka category.

Editors had this to say about the drink:

What the Judges Said: “This one made us nervous because we’re not fans of overly sweet, and Witching Hour contains elderflower-infused vodka and Chambord as main ingredients. But the Limoncello cuts the sweetness some, and the fresh lemon juice finishes the job. The result is a nicely balanced drink that can, indeed, be prepared quickly. Do you risk turning into a toad if you order this drink before midnight? We all took a chance and none of us croaked.”

We've also sampled the drink and we think it's pretty good ourselves. Check out our review of the Whitney's Ghost Bar here