'Quit your job, Detroit is now hiring!'

Mar 24, 2015 at 3:31 pm
Well, this is quite possibly the best reaction we've seen to those New York billboards advertising the upcoming Detroit Thai restaurant Katoi (which may or may not be part of a larger "Move to Detroit" campaign that has appeared around the city in recent months).

Wearing rubber masks — a nod to Detroit's Hygenic Dress League? — and not much else, two enthusiastic young men prance underneath a Katoi billboard, ecstatic of the news that Detroit is now apparently hiring.

Some choice quotes:

"Come, come to Detroit!"

"Quit your job, join us!"

"New York will suck your soul away!"

One passerby, laughing, says "I feel like I'm fucking stoned!" But don't worry, these guys aren't on drugs. The video was posted to artist Matthew Silver's YouTube channel. "My role as a clown, trickster and village idiot is to parody excessive seriousness by playing with taboos, rules, and social norms," Silver says on his channel's About page. "My inspiration comes from my heart. I perform for smiles and laughter, loosening people's armor, and opening up a portal for imagination, creativity and love."

OK, actually these guys could still be on drugs. But maybe they can still get jobs as ambassadors to Detroit?

Enjoy the video below: