Nolan Finley has some thoughts about ladies and alcohol

Feb 7, 2016 at 9:54 pm
Nolan. Nolan. Nolan. 

Earlier this week the Centers for Disease Control issued a statement saying women of childbearing age, who are not on birth control, should lay off the liquor and not drink any alcohol. Their reasoning was that these women may be pregnant, not know it, drink a lot and then detrimentally damage the fetus growing within them. 

The statement was not received well. Women pushed back arguing that the advisory is demeaning — implying they are baby incubators — and well sort of victim blaming. They felt that the underlying message of the warning was that alcohol would cause not only birth defects but also rape-situations where a baby is conceived. 

Anyway, it was news. It happened. We probably would not even be reporting it. But then Nolan Finely had to write about it. 

In an oddly short and very abruptly ending op-ed — we've refreshed the page multiple times to see if there was an error and the whole thing didn't load — Nolan basically brushes off the concerns of the women and ends with a really weird kicker. 

"It’s not hard to imagine how much smaller America’s population would be if women of child-bearing age had been heeding the CDC’s warning on booze."

Nolan: From us at MT to you. There are some issues you just don't have to add your two cents to. 

This of course is not the first time Finley has interjected himself into the birth and pregnancy conversation. In 2012 Finely wrote an article about how the city of Detroit should add birth control salients to the city's water supply because too many poor women on welfare were having kids. 

To be honest, we sort of forgot about that ludicrous editorial. Thanks for reminding us, Nolan.