Isis Coney Island in Taylor to change its name because of ISIS

Oct 15, 2014 at 10:49 am

In Taylor, along a stretch of Eureka Road, there is a coney island named Isis. In the Middle East, there is a group of militants that has continued to capture territory in Iraq and Syria, despite weeks of bombings by the U.S., known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria — or "ISIS." 

This has caused problems. 

The owners of Isis Coney Island in Taylor want it to be known that they have no affiliation with the ISIS terrorist group. So, they have decided to change the name of the business.

Workers in the restaurant told Local 4 that customers have asked if funds from the restaurant were going to the terrorist group.

Concerned by customers who have literally been "threatening" them by phone, the owners, which took over the restaurant last summer, have decided to switch the name, WDIV Channel 4 reports. The state has yet to sign off on the change. In the meantime, the owners cut out "ISIS" from the street sign.

The owners say the name stems from an Egyptian goddess named Isis.