Big changes for Opus One

Jun 25, 2012 at 3:49 pm
After 25 years downtown, Opus One is going to close at 11 p.m. this Saturday, though it's apparently not closing for good. An announcement today said the management plans to make some changes, renovate the interior, and re-open in November under a slightly different name. The reasons cited include declining corporate accounts and changing tastes. The announcement stressed that the Opus One team will still offer catering services during the makeover, which will be documented on a blog accessible through Opus One’s Facebook account.

Jim Kokas was one of the first people to gamble that an upscale restaurant could make it in downtown Detroit, and it was a success for a long time. But when the big culinary trends are barbecue and beer, and when diners are anxious about the costs associated with anything that seems chi-chi, you have to change with the times. This kind of rebranding worked well for Larco's which became Big Beaver Tavern, and for Five Lakes Tavern, which became Cinco Lagos. Here's hoping Kokas and crew make the transition and come out with a concept that entices today's diner, which tends to be more budget-conscious and casual than ever before. Call 313-961-7766, ext. 400, for any catering needs, or head in for one last drink in a Detroit classic at 565 E. Larned St., Detroit.