After closing yesterday, Mae's Diner is open

Jun 25, 2014 at 2:03 pm
Fans of Mae's, the quirky diner where aebleskievers take the place of stodgy old flapjacks, have been fretting over the fate of the eatery. Mae's was closed yesterday, and those in the know say the closing stemmed from a dispute between the owners, husband and wife team Sean and Jessica McCarthy. Mae's Twitter feed seemed to confirm the trouble, attributing the one-day closing to "private issues." One source close to the matter would only say of the dispute, "It's bad."

The good news is that the diner is open for business today, and that the prognosis for the cafe staying open seems very good indeed. Diners eager to try spherical pancakes might consider calling first, but our source says it's "90 percent" likely to be open tomorrow.