A solution to Detroit's pothole problem?

Detroit is notorious for its god-awful, car-eating pothole problem, one that causes a wide range of responses from weary residents, from blind rage to entrepreneurial resolve.

And while there's a time and place for these particular reactions, maybe we could also use some external consulting. 

Take, for example, this anonymous pothole patrolman in the UK who is keeping city workers honest by painting dicks around particularly troublesome potholes in hopes of shaming them into action.

A solution to Detroit's pothole problem?
Photo via Wanksy, Facebook

Apparently, it's working.

A solution to Detroit's pothole problem?
Photo via Wanksy, Facebook
The artist, who goes by "Wanksy" — a clear nod to mysterious graffiti artist Banksy, whose local presence we've chronicled before — describes his mission as "taking direct action by using art to highlight the dangerous potholes that damage our vehicles and harm cyclists on a daily basis," and is helping to facilitate the repairs of dozens of potholes across his city. 

This certainly isn't the first time, we've suggested art as a means to an end of Detroit's pothole problem, and it may not be the last. Here's to hoping.

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