Show preview: Aretha Franklin at Chene Park next Sat., Aug. 22

Aug 12, 2015 at 9:25 am

Sometimes you go see a singer just because you want to check them off your list. Not to knock their abilities, but Dylan, McCartney, and the Rolling Stones, among many others, fill venues with more people who want to be able to say “I saw a legendary artists live” than they do people who just want to see a great performance. But Aretha Franklin’s proved that she still has the chops that she’s always had, making your ticket worth the cost not just because of nostalgia or legacy, but because of actual current talent.

If you don’t believe me, here’s how incredible her voice sounded at The White House just a few months ago.
Franklin has a well-documented fear of flying, and she’s dealt with health issues that have kept her from doing a ton of touring (though for a 73 year old, any amount touring is more than what’s expected). But these issues haven’t hurt Detroit. Though she had to cancel a show at DTE in 2013, she’s still performed in Michigan once every year since 2011, and she continues that streak with a concert at Chene Park on Saturday, August 22.

Here’s fan-shot video from a show she did on her current tour last week in Los Angeles.
For good measure, here’s a full show Franklin did in San Francisco back in 1971. The video quality’s a little iffy, but the audio is perfect. Franklin does a cool mix of old soul songs and then-modern pop hits, including a great take on “Love the One You’re With” that I’d never heard before.
Aretha Franklin performs at Chene Park, with the Isley Brothers opening, on Saturday, Aug. 22. Show starts at 8 p.m.; 2600 Atwater St, Detroit; tickets range from $46 to $150.