Sheefy McFly - Chocolate Haze

Dec 5, 2012 at 10:31 am
Sheefy McFly's hopefully clearing his mind here. "Chasing the dollar and the dream," as he puts it, (through rhymes atop retro samples and 80's-striking echo-splashed beats), the young emcee's yearning for a future, five years on maybe, beyond and breaking-free of the grind:  smoking, drinking, working and playing... through these carousel days swirling by as a coping and contemplative art school drop-out.

"Feels like no one hustlin harder," Sheefy raps on "Stack Dough," the most subdued of this EP's 7 mostly-bombast-streaked space-funk spliced tracks, "lately, I been hustlin' smarter..."

Been a busy  year for Sheef, with Chocolate Haze being his fourth release on top of marking the third anniversary of his local hip/hop showcase nights The Air Up There. Now on Chocolate Haze, (decorated with his own illustration on the cover depicting a re-imagining of what this writer considers to be one of the most disturbing of sequences from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory), he's exorcising anxiety and renewing his resolve as he finds himself in what's perhaps an all too verdant scene of rappers popping up, maintaining motivation and varying between cliched trash-talk, self-props and bits about blunts to some more heart-on-the-sleeve type fare where the rapper almost bemoans a transient tendency to keep humble, keep his head down and keep working at it... But what's it gonna lead to? "When my mind is clouded I think more clearer..."

Sheefy's got a gnarly edge to him but he's not above dorking out with some Waterboy references over  comparing libidinous exploits to that of a cartoon character on Family Guy. Haze is (as usual) a self-production for Sheef, but instead of being synth centric, he employed more samples, specifically sliding towards a more throw-back aesthetic, getting snarky over cartoony funk flings of honky-brass sometimes but at others bringing it down to a more pensive plod over smooth soulful bass grooves.

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