Pure delight

Mar 13, 2001 at 12:00 am

Best-Looking Club (Wayne County)
Pure Bar Room

When Pure Bar Room debuted, the idea of bringing an upscale nightclub to a downtrodden stretch of Woodward was quite the shocking prospect. Naysayers swore the club would never succeed in the long run, that no one would want to pay the whopping $20 cover after the initial novelty wore off, and that club-going high rollers would prefer a safer location in a cushy suburb. A year after its grand opening, Pure has proved them all wrong. Still going strong, it has demonstrated that bringing a slice of New York or Miami nightlife to humble Detroit is a hot idea indeed. Pure has even spawned the development of several other similar clubs in the area with a comparable price tag, decor and clientele.

The concept behind Pure is image; aesthetic is the first priority and no expense is spared. You’re paying for atmosphere, status, the prospect of rubbing elbows with Detroit Red Wings and Lions and Tigers (and bears, oh my!), and the privilege of getting through the door — if you’re dressed shoddily or just don’t look like you belong, you will be turned away. It’s also tiny — much smaller than you would think. The gorgeously revamped historic building blends the polished hardwood floors and chandeliers of the original structure with pulsating lights and electronic music. The exclusive VIP upper floor offers a more intimate atmosphere than the throbbing dance floor, with plenty of plush crimson velvet couches and mirrored walls for those in love with the sight of their own stunning reflection.

Sure, some may say the club is exclusive and elitist, but so what? Sometimes pretending you’re someone important is pure fun.