One Blowout to the Next

Jan 5, 2013 at 12:26 pm
This band, House Phone, was on the cover of the Metro Times not even 11-months ago. It was the preview issue for that year's (15th) Blowout in Hamtramck.

That band's broken up now... Some of its members, including its lead singer/lyricist, (and, notably, its bassist) are continuing on with this new project, which performed last night in that same city, at the New Dodge Lounge.

Facebook-bred cynicism and weary disillusionment dilutes appreciation of the endearing act of sharing music.

"Who's gonna care..." -as part of the chorus of this longlost song from House Phone, last year, struck a chord in me.

Well this year...the singer of that band is going to sound different and Blowout, especially this year, is going to look and sound different.

Bands break-up but the hope is that enthusiasm sustains... Bands are gonna break up faster than ever, no doubt. But each element, one songwriter, one bassist, one producer, is going to go on and try something just as interesting, if not more so...sometimes in just one calendar year. Some change is more sudden. You're gonna see some of the same bands this year at Blowout, some of the same ones you saw three years ago, that's inevitable.

But for now, here's something...