Ken Collier/ Club Heaven tribute at Whiskey Parlour this Saturday, May 9

May 6, 2015 at 12:43 pm

The following press release came in too late to make our calendar for the week, but hot damn this looks like a fun show, which benefits the Detroit Sound Conservancy. This event looks to be very well thought-out and put together, which seems typical for DSC.

The Detroit Sound Conservancy (DSC) is pleased to present Sonic Gates, a spirited party dedicated to the musical legacy of Detroit’s rich DJ history and the audiences that helped it thrive. All proceeds will go to the DSC in their efforts to preserve and amplify the stories and sounds of Detroit music.

Ken Collier was a seminal DJ from a cohort of Detroit DJs (a cohort that included his still-living younger brother Greg Collier) who began their careers with disco in the 1970s and produced the culture of Detroit house and techno that is now known worldwide. Ken’s particular career peaked on the corner of 7 Mile and Woodward at Club Heaven in the early 1990s, where he inspired a primarily young, gay, black crowd, as well as a smattering of Detroit’s early rave scene to express themselves through dance. Two decades later, Heaven is gone and so is Collier, who died in 1996. However, many still remember, from Detroiters who danced on the speakers to those whose primary experience of Collier’s generation is through rare mixtapes and urban legends. This party then promotes a collaboration between former Club Heaven regular and Collier DJ-disciple veteran, Cynthia “DJ Cent” Travis and Temple Bar denizens, Jon Dones and Ash Nowak, the more contemporaneous party throwers behind Haute to Death. Both artists, the first for over twenty years, the latter for the last eight, have built a reputation as a haven for their open, expressive, and, at times, hedonistic devotees.

The event will be held May 9th at The Whisky Parlor at 608 Woodward, Floor 2, in downtown Detroit.

Earlybird tickets can be bought for $10 online via Eventbrite (

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