Iggy Pop encourages people to 'use the power' to vote in new PSA poster

click to enlarge Iggy Pop encourages people to 'use the power' to vote in new PSA poster
Gary Grimshaw Foundation/Leni Sinclair

Figures from Detroit's rock 'n' roll scene have banded together to encourage people to use their "raw power" to register to vote before the November election.

Iggy Pop has lent his likeness to a PSA poster, which runs as a full page in this week's issue of Metro Times, out Wednesday (which also happens to be our annual Best of Detroit issue). It's also available to purchase as a signed art print.

The poster is a remake of one originally designed by the late Gary Grimshaw in 1971. For this new version, the photo was replaced from a crowd shot to a photo of Iggy Pop taken by photographer (and former MT art director) Leni Sinclair, and Grimshaw's sister and longtime collaborator Kristi Pesick changed the lettering from "Register Now" to "Register to Vote Now" to make the message absolutely clear. (We're also told that since Iggy has cleaned up his act and no longer supports smoking cigarettes, the photo was doctored to now show an unlit joint in his mouth. Michigan voters used their power in 2018 to legalize pot.)

From the makers:

Our 2020 Limited Edition (more details on Art Shop page) is a reminder of the powerful energy of each individual in our democracy. The Team behind this project feels an urgent need for Each Vote at this important time in our history. Gary signed off with 'Peace & Power'; Leni is still using her voice. Go ahead,

USE the POWER! YOUR personal Power to VOTE. IT MATTERS!

You can purchase a limited edition art print at garygrimshawlimitedart.com. Posters are $69.99 plus shipping, and are signed by Sinclair and stamped with the mark of the Gary Grimshaw Legacy Foundation.

The deadline to register to vote online is Monday, Oct. 19. You can learn more about voting at michigan.gov/vote or at our voting guide.

The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 3.

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