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HexMurda talks Black and Brown

click to enlarge HexMurda not DJ Blunt.
HexMurda not DJ Blunt.

There aren't many hip-hop managers in the music biz now that hold as much sway as HexMurda. He's been a fixture in the Detroit rap world for years, has managed some of the city's most revered talent and, in the process, has positioned himself as a true music-biz consigliere. Despite suffering a debilitating stroke in 2010, HexMurda still manages to stay highly involved in the lives of his current roster of internationally lauded artists, which includes Guilty Simpson, Black Milk and Danny Brown. Hex recently checked in to talk about his thoughts on the new Black and Brown album ...


Metro Times: From your vantage point, what stands out about the music to you? And do you think they're actually a good pairing?

HexMurda: The music is very cohesive. They're a good pairing because they both trust each other.


MT: Since you know them both well, what can you say about their individual personalities that'd make a project like Black and Brown successful?

HexMurda: Believe it or not, they're both pretty laid-back — until Danny gets on his Adderall shit. I bring cats into the camp pending Guilty Simpson, House Shoes & Black Milk's approval. He dug Danny's shit, plus Danny has a hell of a work ethic. To be honest, I wanted his whole camp, Dopehead & Chips.


MT: Also, Black said he didn't tell you he was working on it the whole time he was creating it. Were you surprised when you heard it?

HexMurda: I wouldn't say surprised, but Black has solidified himself as one of the best producers in the game. He can definitely feel the breeze of that rarefied air inhabited by Dilla, Premier, Pete Rock and Alchemist. But he's in great company with the likes of Madlib, Khrysis, JakeOne, DJ Khalil, HiTek, 9thWonder etc. He hasn't ascended to that next level yet but he's very close.

Yo, and to set the record straight, my man Emeka is Danny's "day-to-day" manager. He does the heavy lifting, I just say, "no." Bill Sharp is my legs for Black. So send demos and shit to them. Leave me the fuck alone.

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