Detroit music scene blasts Omar S following alleged assault on Supercoolwicked

The altercation occurred at Paramita Sound following a dispute over royalties

Nov 8, 2023 at 9:55 am
Omar S outside his FXHE Records HQ.
Omar S outside his FXHE Records HQ. Maxwell Schiano

A violent altercation at Detroit’s Paramita Sound over the weekend has the city’s local music scene mounting a boycott of DJ and producer Omar S and rallying against violence toward female performers.

On Sunday, Detroit singer and songwriter Supercoolwicked posted photos of herself on social media showing what appeared to be minor face and chest wounds, claiming that the fight broke out after she approached Omar S over $10,000 in unpaid royalties for their 2021 collaboration, the single “What’s Good For the Goose.”

“OMAR S (omarsdetroit) IS A VIOLENT ABUSER,” the singer wrote. “Last night I confronted Omar S at Paramita Sound about over 10k in royalties and sales that have been owed to me for over a year for the ‘what’s good for the goose’ record and MANY more.”

She added, “He responded with ‘FUCK YOU BITCH’ and proceeded to physically assault me including SMASHING A GLASS ONTO MY HEAD. It took THREE men to pull this GROWN MAN off of me while he pulled my hair.”

By witness accounts, the incident between Supercoolwicked, whose real name is Morgan Hutson, and DJ Omar S, whose real name is Alexander Smith, took place after midnight at the downtown Detroit bar. Soon after Hutson posted about the altercation, Paramita made its own social media post about the incident in support of her.

“The violence inflicted upon our sister, Morgan, was disgusting and unacceptable. To have someone who is our family, who is such a huge part of the community, be physically assaulted in our space has left us deeply affected,” Paramita’s post reads. It continues, “We do not tolerate aggression or violence in any capacity. We will always intervene when anyone in our space is in harm’s way, just as we did during the assault on Morgan Saturday night at the hands of Alex Omar Smith, more commonly known as Omar S. We will no longer conduct business with Omar S + FXHE from this date onwards. Nor is he welcome in our space.”

Eastside record shop-nightclub Spot Lite also announced it was distancing itself from Omar S, saying it would no longer do business with him or his record label FXHE.

“As of today we have removed all Omar S and FXHE records from our record shop,” Spot Lite wrote. “We are taking this step in solidarity with Morgan and the entire community that understands through first hand accounts that the violent actions on Saturday night at Paramita Sound is unacceptable.”

It continues, “In no way or how do we condone violence as a solution to a problem ESPECIALLY violence against women. Spot Lite is woman owned and knows all too well the way that women can be shamed and minimized for speaking their voice. There is a paradigm shift in our local scene and we all need to listen and be present in this moment.”

The Detroit rap group HiTech also denounced Omar S, who released their self-titled debut on FXHE, writing on Instagram that they have “No Plans of working with him in the future.”

“Aye look. Beating up on women is not what we stand on!” the group wrote, adding, “We make our music so women can have a safe space to dance, party and release their inhibitions, Safe being the KEY WORD.”

click to enlarge Supercoolwicked. - Noah Elliott Morrison
Noah Elliott Morrison

When contacted by Metro Times, Hutson declined to comment on the matter. Paramita did not respond to our interview request by deadline.

We were contacted by Smith’s lawyer Todd Russell Perkins after we reached out to the DJ, who told us he does “not allow [his] clients to speak to the media.”

Perkins denies that Smith owes Hutson any royalties, calling the accusation a “profane defaming and false claim” and alleging that Hutson “violently attacked” Smith at the bar.

“While I am aware that Morgan Hutson p/k/a ‘SuperCoolWicked’ initiated this interaction with Omar S while he sat peaceably at a local nightclub and enjoying the musical fare. As for this point, we can all acknowledge, and she has done so in her posts,” Perkins wrote in an email to Metro Times. “What followed was anything but the truth. My client, Mr. Smith (Omar S), a husband and father to two young ladies, is appalled at the suggestion that he assaulted this young lady. We have sought professionals to acquire statements that declare this to be a fabrication. In fact, after a profane defaming and false claim by SuperCoolWicked of indebtedness by Omar S to her (royalties), Ms. Morgan (SuperCoolWicked) violently attacked him.”

Smith made his own social media post with a photo of a large lump on his forehead and him appearing to receive an MRI scan while denying that he started the fight with Hutson. “To be scrutinized and called names is one thing, and to suffer the physical abuse by SupercoolWICKED is another,” Smith wrote. “But for her to say that I attacked her pure and utter fabrication.”

“As we continue our efforts to defend Mr. Smith and ensure that his character and good-standing in the community is maintained, we are seeking any and all witnesses to this event,” Perkins said. “We are also undertaking efforts to garner any video and audio recordings of this event. Even without the video, we have the ‘receipts’, i.e., witness accounts and photos.”

Ame, a witness who was at Paramita the night of the incident, tells Metro Times DJ Kyle Hall was performing that evening and the altercation occurred sometime around 1:30 a.m. She says she saw Hutson and Smith talking near the door but didn’t see the altercation because her back was turned.

“There was some sort of chaos that ensued, but it wasn’t clear to me what was happening,” she remembers.

That’s when Paramita Sound’s Andrey Douthard and others broke up the fight, according to Ame, and Douthard ordered everyone in the venue to leave.

“He acted really fast,” she says. “He was on the move as soon as he saw something happening. And his reaction was, I thought, very appropriate.”

The Detroit Police Department confirmed to Metro Times that a police report was filed by the “alleged victim,” whom they couldn’t name, and said they are trying to get in touch with for further investigation.

Paramita decided not to open for business over what transpired during the weekend on Tuesday evening.

“We are taking this opportunity to ask our community of music venues, promotors, artists, labels, DKs, and record shops to use their platforms to speak out about the violence that took place this weekend in our space from a prominent man of power in our industry,” a subsequent post by Paramita reads. “It is our responsibility as people/platforms of influence to act to ensure our community and the industry is safe for all people especially those marginalized. Being silent is to be complicit.”

On Wednesday morning, the venue announced they would reopen that evening for open decks, asking DJs to play sets centered around love without any violent or misogynistic lyrics.

Lee DeVito contributed to this report.

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