Blowout, Meet Jezynowka

Mar 5, 2010 at 7:17 pm

By the way, sorry for not posting this yesterday.

Dear Blowout, allow me to introduce you to the most Polish thing you can do while at the Blowout. A shot of blackberry-flavored brandy called Jezynowka (pronounced /Yezshy-znoo-vka/, or just /Yezshy/). If it's a real Hamtramck bar, they'll know what you mean when you ask for it.

This is very special information for you. It's one thing to do Blowout, but if you want to have a more authentic Hamtramck experience, you must do a shot of Jezy. Seriously.

Don't feel too bad that you didn't know this. I only knew it because my family comes from Wyandotte (aka, Hamtramck South, the other Polish mecca of Southeast Michigan).

And after a shot of Jezy, be sure to pay homage to the Pope while walking to/from the Belmont to the Whiskey, New Dodge, etc., and be sure to have a designated driver or call a cab: if you really take this advice, you'll need one.