More like PANTS on Fire...

Mar 5, 2010 at 3:06 pm
It's no secret that some of the bands who perform at Blowout are not always personal favorites, but the truth is -- music snobbery bores me and I have tried very hard in my adult life to be less judgmental about radio rock. When I first listened to Bat on Fire, it became obvious to me that these guys serve a very specific commercial radio-listening demographic and that niche deserves to (and should!) be represented at the Blowout. But what happened with those guys last night is pretty inexcusable.

Forget the fact that they showed up for their show and stayed for two hours, but left because they hadn't drawn a crowd. Forget the fact that they tried to eschew the blame of the poor attendance and place it on the band who played prior to them. Forget the fact that the didn't draw even a single fan (apparently they think audiences are built in, not garnered). Forget the fact that the others bars were jumpin'. In fact, if that had been all that happened, none of us would have thought twice about it.

But what is neither forgivable nor forgettable was the fact that they told their venue that they left because "two of the members got mugged and that they were both in the hospital." There is ZERO TRUTH to this and quite frankly -- these sort of accusations always smack of something dark and insidious. Let me guess guys -- you thought you were really upping your street cred by playing the mean streets of Hamtramck, Michigan...right? News flash, dudes: Hamtramck is a multi-generational, family-friendly and ethnically diverse community that's a wonderful place to live, love and work.

I have voicemail messages from a band member confirming that this mugging never took place.

Not only did this false information deeply disturb the good people at the venue (they were still worried about it this morning), but, this false accusation has gotten the attention of various news outlets. Thankfully, we were able to set the record straight before the bullflop hit the fan, far as I'm concerned, those guys are the very worst of what humanity has to offer.

But....eff those clowns if they ain't got a joke -- here's looking forward to two more liver-abusing, sleep-eating, mood-elevating days of rock 'n' roll alchemy. These past two days have actually exceeded my original expectations.

Have fun tonight people...and drink one in the name of brotherly love.