Thrillist Names Detroit's Motz's Burgers Among Best in Nation

Jul 22, 2014 at 11:10 am

Photo via Joseph Maino, Instagram

The folks at Thrillist have again compiled their annual list of the nation's best burger joints, and Southeast Michigan, it seems, is well represented.

Ranking alongside burgers in major cities such as Los Angeles and New York, is Detroit's own Motz's Burgers, hailed particularly for its double cheeseburger slider.

Via Thrillist:

There’s nothing remarkable about the façade of this SW diner... it’s just a diner, like the hundreds of others in the D. The staff's been there for years... and so have the regulars, who can’t get enough of Motz’s legendary smashed burgers. The formula's nothing revolutionary: smashed, griddled patties with oozy cheese and onions that melt into the burger itself as it cooks. But it's that unmistakable flavor of a well-seasoned griddle -- which has also been here for years -- that makes the difference. You can score big burgers with accoutrements, but this isn’t really a place to say things like “accoutrements”. Grab the old-school slider (the double cheeseburger one), and prepare for three perfect bites of Detroit’s finest.

Flint's Torch Bar and Grill also made the cut, most notably for its Deluxe Torch Burger with Bacon.

Tucked away in an alley beyond the brick streets that used to mark the glory of downtown Flint, the cavernous Torch Bar is the common ground between the blue-collar workers of old Flint and the younger folks fighting for its revival. For 50 years, the Torch Burger has been a beacon for all: a no-frills, basic bar burger grilled to order by the 1/2lb. No fancy aioli or stunt toppings. Just the perfect balance of fresh ground beef, lettuce, tomato, and bacon. When you dream of burgers, the Torch Burger is what you envision... whether you’ve been here or not. Don’t skip the onion rings or, if you’re feeling feisty, pizza rolls... a side item that helped solidify The Torch’s status as one of our favorite dive bars.

Head over to Thrillist for the complete mouth-watering list.