Krispy Kreme will give you a doughnut a day if you flash your COVID-19 vaccination card

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click to enlarge Krispy Kreme will give you a doughnut a day if you flash your COVID-19 vaccination card
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Remember being a kid and getting to get your sticky little baby hands (why are kids' hands always sticky even when there's nothing sticky around?) on the coveted post-shot lollipop at the doctor's office?

Well, add a global pandemic and an accompanying vaccine to the mix and you could be rewarded with another circular, sugar-heavy, sticky, sweet treat ... or, like, literally hundreds of circular, sugar-heavy, sticky, sweet treats if you play your card right.

Krispy Kreme is giving all you sweet-ass vaccinated folks an opportunity to get free Original Glazed doughnuts. Per Krispy Kreme's website, all you have to do is flash your vaccination card (you know, the one you have been sworn to protect like a mother wolverine over her young) and they'll just hand over a single OG (that's Original Glazed® for the true doughnut freaks).

You dough-not have to be fully vaccinated to receive this most generous bounty. As long as you have at least one of the two required shots of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or the single and only shot of Johnson & Johnson's, you're good.
Krispy Kreme ain't messing around, either. They have a whole FAQ on their site regarding this special offer, where they clear up some of our burning questions like can we use someone else's vax card to get doughnuts? The answer is: ABSOLUTELY NOT. Also, no sticker or expertly placed Band-Aid will get you a treat, only your vax card. This offer is also only available through Krispy Kreme's shops and drive-thrus and cannot be redeemed through delivery services or third-party apps.

As for limitations, the website very clearly states that people with vaccination cards can redeem one doughnut per day. This means you can ditch the Groucho glasses and stache disguise you keep in your glove compartment, you weirdo. Just be your full or partially vaccinated self and enjoy your 190 calories of pure bliss.

The “Be Sweet to Your Community” offer is valid through the end of the year which means, as long as you opt to get a needle in your arm, you have plenty of time to get a doughnut in your stomach.

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