Drink up

Sep 9, 2015 at 1:00 am

Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light

4.2% ABV, 110 calories per 12 ounces

In perfect timing with the countdown to NFL Kickoff, Bud Light, the official beer of the NFL, has debuted a brand-new Lions-themed can to Detroit. The packaging features the official Lions colors: black, white, silver, and Honolulu blue, as well as a slogan every Lions fan can get behind: "The perfect beer for being the motor behind Motor City." The personalized design is the result of an effort by the giant beer company to reach fans in a more meaningful way with localized, team-focused content.

Bud Light's team cans are nothing new to Lions fans, but the individual messages on each of the 28 NFL team cans are a new feature, which, in addition to the upgraded imagery, seem to make these limited edition items highly covetable — they are already hitting eBay at full tilt. The new designs and customized scroll messages were devised in workshops where Bud Light worked closely with each of its NFL team partners to create cans that would speak to the fans. "Ultimately, fans love football and the NFL, but what they really invest in emotionally each week is their individual team," said vice president of Bud Light, Alexander Lambrecht, in an article posted on the company website. "Each of these 28 cans features a customized message that speaks directly to each team's passionate fan base, and throughout the 2015-16 season Bud Light and its team partners will be unrelenting in delivering incredible, one-of-a-kind experiences to fans in their local team stadiums and markets."

And while it is uncertain what "unrelenting" experiences Bud Light has in store for Detroiters, the Bud Light Party Zone in sections 238/239 at Ford Field and the free Bud Light Tailgate on Brush Street provide enough fodder to Lions fans determined to make this season the most memorable one yet. As it is, Lions fans have nearly perfected the art of pregaming with raucous tailgate parties that have been known to include bizarre superstitious rituals, huge Lions inflatables, autograph signings from Lions alumni, masterfully grilled foods, and the occasional hot tub.

The Bud Light Lions cans are on the shelves now, but you can also give them a once-over on YouTube, where a 15-second #MyTeamCan video features a dramatic 360-degree view of the beverage in all of its glory, complete with smoke machine effects, church bells, and that guy from all the movie trailers reading off the fan-centric slogan. As always, Bud Lights are best consumed ice-cold for maximum enjoyment of this light style lager's clean, crisp taste.