30 of the best Photoshop reactions to Detroit's water gun priest

We don't know on which day god created the water gun but it doesn't matter now because Detroit has something no one else has: Behold, the water gun priest.

Father Tim Pelc of St. Ambrose Parish in Grosse Pointe went viral after images from his Easter service began to circulate on the internet last week. In an effort to practice social distancing while still honoring the Easter Week tradition of blessing parishioners, as well as give kids something fun to remember the unconventional holiday by, Father Pelc donned both an N95 mask and plastic face shield and filled up a squirt gun with Holy Water.

Then came the memes.

The image of Pelc shooting into parishioners' cars went viral and then became the inspiration for a Photoshop Battle on Reddit, and the results did not disappoint. Some injected Pelc into the role of their favorite gun-wielding movie characters, others took an opportunity to turn Pelc into a video game assassin. One crafty Reddit user imagined Pelc as Dwight's opponent in The Office's famous standout. In one case, Pelc and his gun make for the perfect Rage Against the Machine album cover. While these might be some of the best from the battle, the pope-abilities are endless.

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