Best of Detroit 2004

What makes Detroit the region that it is? What are the civic treasures that hold us together — and what are the smaller gems that each of us find and hold dear? We asked you — and you told us in paper ballots mailed to Metro Times and submitted online at our Web site. We asked our friends and acquaintances for the places and things here that add spark to their lives. And we asked each other, our fellow staffers in this enterprise called Metro Times, and the coterie of freelancers who are essential to putting out a paper like this every week.

In this issue you’ll view some of our major cultural hallmarks as seen through the lens of photographer Cybelle Codish. And, we hope, you’ll learn a thing or two that will enhance your appreciation of these civic treasures. And we’ll talk about plenty of the smaller spots in the city and burbs. We’ll tell you where to sup on great dim sum and point out some great delis. We’ll tell you where you can indulge in consumerism and places to escape it all; we’ll point out things to shake your fist at and dance floors for shaking your ass.

And we’ll listen to your feedback and suggestions — sent to [email protected] — as we hunker down and start planning for the Best of Detroit 2005.

Best of the Worst

Best place to hike:

Mt. Everest, Outer Drive

Best intimate live music venue:

Chene Park

Best place to fish:

The bathtub

Best smoke shop:

Stop smoking!

Best place to spot a celebrity:


Best place to buy organic food:


Best thrift store:


Best place to cruise:


Best place to bicycle:


Best pick-up spot:


Best beer selection in a bar:


Best place for a first date:


Best Michigan vacation spot:


Best Ontario vacation spot:

Who cares?

Best way to promote safe sex:

Be ugly, hairy-backed men,
condom earrings, give condoms
with new cell phones,
peddle condoms, Trojan Maaannnnn,
wait awhile, abstinence, monogamy,
see friends die from AIDS

Best place to hear poetry:

In my room, any kindergarten class

Best after-hours:

Bed, it’s a secret

Best strip club:

In my bedroom

Best-looking bar staff:

They all look good after drinking

Best place to buy lingerie:

Farmer Jack, Avon Call-Me

Best seafood:


Best place to see bling-bling:


Best trend to avoid:

The next big thing

Best reason to vote:

Free cookies?, meet people, surprise them, to subvert capitalism, boredom, brains, Bush is the Antichrist

Best reason not to read Metro Times:

Can’t handle the truth, absurdly liberal, biased, snobby, avoid paper cuts,because you’re driving, What fool wouldn’t?

More best of Detroit 2004:

Community values
Department of commerce
Nutritional value
Steppin’ out
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