WMU offers map of gender neutral bathrooms on campus

With the on-going discussion of gender neutral bathrooms and what bathroom a transgender person should use, it's a breath of fresh air to see that Western Michigan University not only offers gender neutral restrooms, but created a map to help students find them

According to this Huffington Post article, there are over 150 schools in the U.S. that offer some sort of gender neutral bathrooms that students can use. What many don't have, however, is a nifty map that shows students where they are located. 

A representative from the Office of LGBT on WMU's campus told us that a grad students had been working on the map all summer so that it could be ready for the first day of classes today. 

WMU offers map of gender neutral bathrooms on campus

The map (above) shows a pin drop of every building on campus that has a gender neutral bathroom. There are 30 buildings on campus that have this type of bathroom, and some of them are even resident halls. 

While safe bathrooms on campus seem to be chugging along nicely, resident halls seem to be a little behind. According to campuspride.org, 205 schools offer some sort of gender-inclusive housing. That is a pretty large number, but most of these options come with limitations. 

For example, Michigan State University offers gender-inclusive housing for suite-style dorms and apartments, but it is not an option for first-year students because of the way their dorms are set up for freshmen. 

So while many schools have come along way from not even having an Office of LGBT on its campus, there is still a long way to go so that everyone can feel safe and included. 

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