Local designer competing in Betabrand's 'Bright Ideas' challenge

Nov 24, 2015 at 10:43 am

The local fashion scene is a colorful one. Some of the shows feel like super-sexy raves, with decorated fabrics, high-cut and split skirts, low-cut tops, and gobs of makeup. But at least one local designer is going his own way, and locals have a chance to vote for his designs in a national contest.

That designer is Hamtramck resident Scott Tallenger. He seems to favor simpler, more classic, even futuristic designs, with clean lines and sturdy fabrics. He makes an effort to account for daily life in the early 21st century, working phone pockets into the small of the back or the front of the pants, or having a camera bag double as a reflector. That utilitarian spirit sort of sets him apart from many other area style-makers.

Locals have a chance to see how his work stacks up against other national designers, and a chance to vote for him, in the latest "Bright Ideas" contest from Betabrand. His utilitarian jumpsuit, a pair of pants he designed with a special phone pocket, and his camera bag are all up for voting, and not doing too badly. See the website for details on how to vote. Balloting ends Dec. 7.

Either way, Tallenger's work is certainly unusual, and given its utility, it certainly seems to be a snug fit for Hamtramck, or Detroit for that matter.