Lars von Trier wants to film a horror movie in Detroit

Jul 21, 2016 at 2:29 pm
click to enlarge Lars von Trier wants to film a horror movie in Detroit
via von Trier's Facebook
According to Danish magazine Soundvenue via American publication IndieWire, there is a tentatively named horror project, aptly named Detroit, in the works with von Trier's production company Zentropa.

Right now the idea is about a man dealing with his inner demons, but that can change since the project has only had substantive work for a month now. The script will be written by von Trier, and will be direct by fellow Dogme95 colleague Kristian Levring.

Word of this project comes after the modestly successful It Follows which was also filmed in Detroit and used many metro area actors.

There is supposed to be wordplay between the words Detroit and destroyed according to Levring. The project might even be re-titled slightly to more directly acknowledge this.

While von Trier has never done a full-on horror movie before, there are definitely elements of horror in some of the movies he's created, such as Antichrist and Epidemic. He has also said in past interviews that he is a big fan of the American horror style.

My guess is that von Trier likes the Detroit landscape for both reasons we can all guess, and for very different reasons too. His films tend to use very Denmark-looking landscapes even though they're filmed in many different places, and he's not afraid to use green screen. 

Hopefully his depth in concept and execution will continue and not play into the typical "desolate Detroit" aesthetics and story lines.