2001 Detroit Music Awards nominees

Apr 4, 2001 at 12:00 am
2001 Detroit Music Awards nominees


Outstanding National Album

Robert Bradley "Time to Discover"

Eminem "The Marshall Mathers LP"

Kid Rock "History of Rock"

Madonna "Music"

Suicide Machines "The Suicide Machines"

Uncle Kracker "Double Wide"

Outstanding National Single

Kid Rock "American Badass"

Eminem "The Real Slim Shady"

Robert Bradley "Higher"

Workhorse Movement "Keep the Sabbath Dream Alive"

Uncle Kracker "Yeah Yeah Yeah"

Suicide Machines "Sometimes I Don't Mind"

Outstanding Anthology/Compilation/Reissue

Marshall Crenshaw "This Is Easy"

Scott Campbell "The Decline & Fall of Scott Campbell"

Various Artists "WDET Live Vol. II"

Various Artists "U of M Diversity CD"

Various Artists "Here"

Outstanding Producer

Michael King

Mark Nilan

Mike E. Clark

Jim Diamond

Kevin Williams

Nolan Mendenhall

Outstanding Studio

The Woodshed

Live Wire

Roscoe's Recording

White Room

Big Sky Recording

54 Sound

Outstanding Record Label

Static Records

Phat Roach Records

Small Stone Records

Italy Records

Time Stereo

Outstanding Live Performance


Atomic Numbers

Mod Ev

Black Magic Crossing

Buddha Fulla Rymez

Bugs Beddow

Outstanding Live Sound Technician

Neil Sever (Memphis Smoke)

Steve Marshall (SMA)

Chris Jones (Magic Bag)

Terry Cox (Magic Stick)

Bill Kozy (St. Andrew’s Hall)

Kevin Williams (Parrish Productions)


Outstanding Local Rock/Pop Recording

19 Wheels "Sugareen"

The Dungbeatles "Instant Classic"

Mod Ev


Robb Roy "Happy"

Atomic Numbers "Electromotive"

Black Magic Crossing "The Balance"

Outstanding Local Rock Artist/Group

Robb Roy

Trash Brats

19 Wheels


Black Magic Crossing


Outstanding Local Pop Artist/Group

The Dungbeatles


Stewart Francke

The Numbers

Moods for Moderns

Atomic Numbers

Outstanding Local Alternative/Indie Artist/Group


White Stripes



The Ottomans


Outstanding Local Hard Rock/Metal Artist/Group


Mod Ev

Riot in Progress

Red Tree



Outstanding Local Industrial Artist/Group


N2 Submission


Sweaty Suede Lips

The Impaler

Outstanding Rock/Pop Songwriter


Eva Gryczon

Scott Campbell

Stewart Francke

Vinnie Dombroski

Outstanding Local Rock/Pop Instrumentalist

Pete Peltier (bass) The Dungbeatles

Gary Rasmussen (bass) GRR

Scott Campbell (guitar)

Darryl Pierce (drums) GRR

Dave Taylor (drums) various

Kenny Tudrick (guitar) The Numbers

Michael Kudreiko Robb Roy

Ron Sakowski (bass) Easy Action

Outstanding Local Rock/Pop Vocalist

Graham Strachan Robb Roy

Tonya Provost Mod Ev

Stewart Scaggs GRR

Gia Warner

Vinnie Dombroski Crud

John Brannon Easy Action


Outstanding Urban/Funk/Hip Hop Recording

Funktelligence "Until Now"

Black Magic Crossing "The Balance"

Paradime "Paragraphs"

Foundation of Funk "Foundation of Funk"

Outstanding Local Funk Artist/Group

Rev. Right Time & The First Cuzins of Funk


Buddha Fulla Rymez

Foundation of Funk

Outstanding Urban/Funk Vocalist

T.O.P. Buddha Fulla Rymez

Shadow Buddha Fulla Rymez

Martin Gross Howling Diablos

Pat Ferris Rev. Right Time


Valerie Barrymore Foundation of Funk

Outstanding Local Urban/Funk Instrumentalist

Duminie DePorres (guitar) Soul Clique

Johnny Evans (sax) Howling Diablos

Topher Mohr (guitar) Funktelligence

Joe Hayden (bass) Soul Clique

Brian Burleson (guitar) Buddha Fulla Rhymez

Santos Madrigal (bass) Buddah Fulla Rhymez

Mo Hollis (bass) Howling Diablos

Steve Somers (guitar) Foundation of Funk

Outstanding Urban/Funk Songwriter

Shadow Buddha Fulla Rymez

Martin Gross Howling Diablos

T.O.P. Budda Fulla Rymez


Steve Somers Foundation of Funk

Valerie Barrymore Foundation of Funk

Outstanding Hip Hop Artist/Group


Black Magic Crossing



Outstanding Hip Hop DJ




DJ L Black Magic Crossing

DJ Assault

Outstanding Local Hip Hop MC


T.O.P. Buddha Fulla Rymez




Outstanding Electronic/Dance Recording

Carl Craig "Designer Music VI"

DJ Assault "Ghetto Express"

Sean Deason "Allegory & Metaphor"

Outstanding Electronic/Dance Artist/Group

19.5 Collective


Juan Atkins

Sean Deason


Year of the Robot

Outstanding Electronic/Dance DJ

DJ Assault

DJ Godfather

Carl Craig

DJ Alias

DJ Zap

Gary Martin

Outstanding Electronic/Dance Writer/Producer

Art Forest

John Arnold

Mike Clark

Mike Madill



Outstanding Jazz Recording

Mark Moultrup "Man of the 00’s"

Steve Wood "Deep Woods"

Carl Michel Group "Carl Michel Group"

Jake Reichhart "16 Songs"

Rhythm Society Orchestra "Hey Ba Ba Re Bop"

Brothers Groove "Clamp It Down"

Outstanding Jazz Artist/Group

Brothers Groove


Mark Moultrup

Charles & Gwen Scales

Straight Ahead

Warren Commission

Outstanding Big Band/Swing Ensemble

Rhythm Society Orchestra

Twistin Tarantulas

Bird of Paradise Orchestra

Paul King

Outstanding Jazz Vocalist

Paul King

Chris Codish


Sheila Landis

April Lentini

Mark Moultup

Outstanding Jazz Instrumentalist

Rick Matle (guitar) Landis & Matle

John Arnold (guitar) Blackman & Arnold

Sean Blackman (guitar) Blackman & Arnold

Robert Tye (guitar)

Chuck Willard

James Simonson (bass) Brothers Groove

Larry Nozero (sax, flute)

Mark Moultrup (piano)

Outstanding Jazz Composer

Chris Codish

Mark Moultrup

Sean Blackman

Sheila Landis

Teddy Harris Jr.

Rick Matle


Outstanding Acoustic Folk Songwriter

Lisa Hunter

Liz Larin

Jan Krist

Audra Kubat Stunning Amazon

Cari & John Milroy Tangerine Trousers

Jere Stormer

Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Instrumentalist

Danny Cox (guitar) Daniels Crossing

Liz Larin (guitar, bass)

John Milroy (guitar) Tangerine Trousers

David Mosher

Jere Stormer (guitar)

Bill Engleman (guitar) GRR

Gary Rasmussen (bass) GRR

Lisa Hunter (guitar)

Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Vocalist

Audra Kubat Stunning Amazon

Chris McCall

Sista Otis

Jan Krist

Lisa Hunter

Stewart Scaggs GRR

Outstanding Folk Artist/Group

Audra Kubat

Jo Serrapere

Chris Buhalis

Company of Strangers

Matt Watroba

The Original Brothers & Sisters of Love

Outstanding Acoustic Artist/Group

Lisa Hunter


Jan Krist

Liz Larin

Sista Otis

Jere Stormer

Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Recording

Lisa Hunter "Alive"

Audra Kubat "Elixir"

Chris McCall "The Real You"

Jere Stormer "Waxlips Akimbo"

Sista Otis "Sista Otis"


Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska Recording

Immunity "Tu Lively"

Immigrant Suns "More Than Food"

MEW "Party Mix"

Process "Paraphernalia Vol. 1"

Outstanding Reggae Artist/Group


Jo Nab

Black Market



Outstanding Ska Artist/Group

The Articles

Aks Mamma

Super Dot

45 Cents

Ruth’s Hat

Outstanding World Artist/Group

Blackman & Arnold

Immigrant Suns


Joe LoDuca

Johnny Rodriguez & The Fiery Latin Jazz Band

Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska Vocalist

Tom Wall Immunity

Tom Varga Immunity

Robert Menteleone Black Market

David Asher Process

Mark Chuddy MEW

Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska Instrumentalist

Tom Wall (guitar) Immunity

Tony Mitchell (drums) Immunity

Dennis Sheridan (percussion)

Johnny Rodriguez (percussion) Fiery Latin Jazz Band

Tom Varga (guitar/harmonica/percussion) Immunity

Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska Songwriter

Larry Duncan Black Market

Bill Koggenhop Immunity

Tom Varga Immunity

David Asher Process

Derek Phelps Process

Lou Rye


Outstanding Blues Recording

Alberta Adams "Say Baby Say"

Brothers Groove "Clamp It Down"

Butler Twins "Butlers Boogie Live at the Attic"

Steve Somers Band w/Valerie Barrymore "Steve and Val"

Barrett Strong "Stronghold"

Outstanding Blues Artist/Group

Alberta Adams

Val Ventro

Blue Cat Blues Band

Johnnie Bassett

Jocelyn B


Outstanding Rhythm & Blues Artist/Group

Bugs Beddow

Steve Somers Band

Kristin Sayer

Brothers Groove

Bart Corimm

Paul Randolph

Outstanding Blues Vocalist

Alberta Adams

Valerie Barrymore

Val Ventro Motor City V-8s

Jocelyn B

Kristin Sayer

Al Carmichael

Outstanding Blues Instrumentalist

Johnnie Bassett (guitar) Blues Insurgents

Mark Pasman (guitar) Mudpuppy

Val Ventro (guitar) Motor City V-8's

Chris Codish (piano) Brothers Groove

Duffy King (guitar) Bugs Beddow Band

Andy Miles (guitar) Jocelyn B & Detroit Street Players

Dan Methnic (guitar) Detroit Underground

Kristin Sayer (guitar)

Outstanding Blues Songwriter

Chris Codish Brothers Groove

Tim Garrick Blue Cat Blues Band

Al Carmichael Blue Cat Blues Band



Outstanding Country Vocalist

Steve Fogel

Ron Jacobs The Forbes Brothers

Devin Scillian

Tony Phillips

Vinnie Dombroski Orbit Suns

Outstanding Country Instrumentalist

Tom Tesnow Jr. (drums) SGOE

Bobby Lewis (guitar) Bobby Lewis & the Crackerjack Band

Sir Tim Duvalier (steel guitar, guitars) Orbit Suns

JC Whitelaw (guitar) Forbes Brothers

George Canterbury (keyboard) Austin, Forbes Brothers

Kevin Brown (guitar) Corndaddy

Ned Doerr (guitar) Red Rider Band

Tony Katula (steel guitar, guitar)

Outstanding Country Songwriter

Forbes Brothers

Steve Fogel

Tracy Leigh Bechard

Nolan Mendenhall

Vinnie Dombroski The Orbit Suns

Outstanding Country Artist/Group


The Orbit Suns

Tracy Leigh Bechard

The Volebeats

Big Barn Combo

Devin Scillian

Outstanding Country Recording

Big Barn Combo "Comin' All the Way from Detroit"

Corndaddy "Corndaddy"

Gravel Train "Fine Upstanding Man"

Tracy Leigh Bechard "Tracy Leigh Bechard"


Outstanding Gospel/Christian Recording

Chris Jones and Word of Praise "Can't Wait"

Damita Haddon "Damita Haddon"

Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ "Purpose by Design"

Jennifer Knapp "Lay it Down"

Madison Greene "Think the Dances Mad"

Outstanding Gospel Choir

Bishop Andrew Merritt & The Straight Gate Mass Chior

Chris Jones & Word of Praise

Darius Twyman & Destiny

New Direction

Rudy Hawkins Singers

Wings of Love & the Late Rev. James Moore

Outstanding Gospel Artist/Group

DKS Productions

Donnie McClurkin

Ernest Lee & Spirit of David

Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ

The Word

Winans Phase II

Outstanding Contemporary Christian Artist/Group

Jennifer Knapp

Gospel Truth

L Evated

Outstanding Gospel Vocalist

Alexis Allen

Esther Smith

Karen Clark Sheard

Rodney Love

Vanessa Bell Armstrong

Vickie Winans

Outstanding Gospel Musician

Tim Bowman

Armond Davis

Charles Dobson

Darryl Houston

Erin Beck

Jason Beck

Outstanding Gospel Songwriter

Fred Hammond

Deitrick Haddon

Gary Crawford

Jennifer Knapp

Vickie Winans

Rodney Love


Outstanding Classical Recording

Emerald Sinfonietta "Homegrown"

St. Clair Trio & Friends "Old Acquaintance"

Zook and Alvin "Comfort and Joy"

Outstanding Community Orchestra

Warren Symphony

Pontiac Oakland Symphony

Dearborn Symphony

Livonia Symphony

Outstanding Classical Small Ensemble

Emerald Sinfonietta

St Clair Trio & Friends

Dearing Concert Duo

Outstanding Classical Instrumentalist

Kurt Kunzat (piano)

Rob Conway (piano)

Flavio Varani (piano)

Nadine Deleury (cello)

Dave Wagner (piano, organ)

Jeff Zook (flute)

Paul Wingert (cello)

Steven Dearing (guitar)

Outstanding Classical Vocalist

Dana Lentini

Frances Brockington

Barbara Bland

Abha Dearing

David Trojano

Peter Soave