Michigan marijuana pre-rolls recalled because worker licked them

Aug 6, 2020 at 12:02 pm
click to enlarge Michigan marijuana pre-rolls recalled because worker licked them

If you bought pre-rolled joints in Michigan recently, we've got bad news for you. Officials at the Marijuana Regulatory Agency announced an expansive recall "in the interest of the public health and safety" because a worker at the processing facility licked the products while making them.

The MRA did not say if the employee had COVID-19, and says that it is investigating the matter and will not comment in the meantime. But pre-rolls are typically made by rolling them into cones, which are sealed with a twist — no tongue required.

The recall applies to pre-rolls from 3843 Euclid LLC in Bay City. You can find a list of the products and stores that sold them here.

The MRA says the products were sold to both medical marijuana and recreational customers in Bay City, Hazel Park, Detroit, Traverse City, Ann Arbor, Lansing, River Rouge, Ferndale, Quincy, Lowell, Negaunee, and Lapeer.

The medical and adult-use processor licenses of the processor, 3843 Euclid LLC, have been suspended for 14 days. All of the company's pre-roll products in the state's inventory have been banned from further sales.

If you think you might have the pre-rolls, the MRA is asking you to return them to where they were purchased. Provisioning centers have been ordered to contact any patients or caregivers who purchased the products, but retail outlets don't keep the contact information for recreational customers.

The MRA is advising any consumers who experience symptoms report to their doctor and notify the MRA at [email protected] or by calling 517-284-8599.

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