Cannabis beverage CQ hits Michigan market

The California-based company is partnering with a local business linked to Blake’s Hard Cider for the launch

Jul 19, 2023 at 3:44 pm
click to enlarge A cannabis-infused CQ shot. - Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
A cannabis-infused CQ shot.

Soon, a popular cannabis-infused drink brand will be available in the Great Lakes State.

Cannabis Quencher (CQ) of California announced a Michigan expansion this month through a partnership with Emerald Canning Partners, which counts local brand Blake’s Hard Cider founder Andrew Blake as an investor.

“The Michigan market is thirsty for high dose alternatives to add to their ever increasing cannabis beverage selection and CQ has been the perfect partner to do that with!” Blake said in a statement.

The first product the company will launch here is its “fan favorite” 2-ounce “shots,” which contain 100mg of THC in flavors like Tropical Mango Agua Fresca, Strawberry Lemonade, and Nighttime Berry & Lime.

“CQ’s shots are sure to delight Michigan residents, as they are perfect for sipping or mixing into flavorful mocktails to be enjoyed at a picnic on Belle Isle or a backyard BBQ in Kalamazoo,” the company says in a press release.

We’re not sure we agree with calling these drinks “mocktails,” as 100mg of THC will get you high — unless you consider cannabis-infused beverages to be “California sober.” One reviewer described the high as roughly equivalent to that from a glass of wine.

Emerald Canning Partners has previously released cannabis-infused beverages like its house brand Highly Casual seltzers and Pleasantea iced teas.

The Michigan CQ launch follows expansions into Massachusetts and more recently Illinois.

“Based on the overwhelming feedback and great sales in Illinois, it is clear that the midwest digs our potent shots and delicious sodas — we can’t wait to hear Michigan’s feedback firsthand,” founder Kenny Morrison said in a statement. “It’s a legit cannabis market, Michiganders know weed and know what they like. We definitely want to win them over.”

The CQ products can be pre-ordered via and will be available in late July, the company says.

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