Best CBD Oil: Top 3 Companies Reviewed (2020)

Apr 22, 2020 at 4:50 pm
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Royal Purity

CBD oils are a popular supplement for its role in reducing pain, fighting inflammation, promoting healthy sleep, and much more.

However, not all CBD oils offer these benefits.

If you want to get all the amazing benefits of CBD, you need to order from a reputable brand offering reliable high-quality CBD extracts with plenty of positive reviews from real customers.

Many CBD brands contain insufficient CBD concentrations or use low-quality or contaminated hemp. These products won’t be able to offer the benefits that have made CBD oil so popular today. Using these oils will only lead to disappointment.

To help you find a brand that can deliver the results you’re looking for, we’ve put together a list of the top-rated CBD oil brands on the market today. All three of these companies offer top-notch CBD oils at a fair price.

Best CBD Oil Brands for 2020

1. Royal CBD Oil - Editor’s Choice

Best CBD Oil: Top 3 Companies Reviewed (2020)
Royal Purity

Royal CBD
is one of the most popular brands in the CBD world — and for good reason. This brand makes some of the highest quality hemp oils we’ve seen in a while without charging a premium.

These oils are made with organically-grown hemp from the state of California. The raw flower is then dried in the dark to preserve the UV-sensitive terpenes and rinsed with supercritical CO2.

The end result is a top-notch full-spectrum hemp extract — complete with all the active cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals. Royal CBD has been acknowledged for having some of the highest-quality CBD products on several online publications including Daily CBD, Weed News,, We Be High, Teen Wire, and the Center for Advancing Health.

You can immediately taste the potency of these oils in the unflavored version. It has a rich hempy flavor without the undesirable bitterness often found in cheap CBD oils.

If you’re not a fan of the natural hemp flavor, Royal CBD oils are also available in vanilla, berry, or peppermint flavor — all of which do an excellent job at removing the natural flavor of premium hemp oils.

Royal CBD offers this oil in four different potencies, so you can choose a strength to match your individual needs:

1. 250 mg — low-potency, good for pets or people who are sensitive to CBD
2. 500 mg — medium potency, good for people who are mildly sensitive to CBD and need a lower dose than average
3. 1000 mg — high-potency, this is the most popular option for most CBD-users
4. 2500 mg — very high-potency, great for anybody who needs high doses of CBD, or those looking to get the best value for their money

What We Love About Royal CBD

• Full-spectrum CBD oils made from organically-grown hemp plants
• The cost to potency ratio is very high (excellent value)
• Available in four different potencies, covering all CBD dosage needs
• Every batch is third-party tested for quality assurance and transparency
• 30-day satisfaction guarantee

2. Gold Bee CBD Oil - Runner Up

Best CBD Oil: Top 3 Companies Reviewed (2020)
Royal Purity

Gold Bee
is a small CBD company, but is growing very quickly.

The company first entered the CBD market in 2019 with a few limited-runs of their full-spectrum oil using an innovative new extraction technique. The founder modified existing extraction methods to make the extraction yield more of the medicinal terpenes in the hemp plant. Conventional extraction methods often lose much of the terpene profiles in exchange for faster extraction runs. Gold Bee has chosen to remain patient, allowing their extraction to run over long periods of time in exchange for exceptionally high terpene concentrations.

After selling these oils in local Delaware shops for a few months it didn’t take long for local cannabis organizations to begin noticing the exceptional quality of these CBD oils. The company won a few awards for their CBD oils and soon-after began to receive requests for their products outside its home state.

At the start of 2020 the company made the jump to online in order to offer their oils to the rest of the continental United States. The oil was in such high demand, there’s often a waiting list to get your hands on these oils.

This is unlikely to happen again, as Gold Bee is aggressively expanding their operations to keep up with the demand for their products — opening two new micro-extraction facilities earlier this year.

What really makes this brand special is their meticulous attention to detail and incredible value for your money. Gold Bee is a small company made up of passionate individuals who refuse to markup their oils unfairly. You can get a bottle containing some of the best full-spectrum CBD oils in the country without paying a premium when you buy from Gold Bee.

Gold Bee oils come in three different potencies:

1. 300 mg — low potency for sensitive individuals and pets
2. 600 mg — medium potency for general-wellness supplementation and those with low CBD dosage needs
3. 1200 mg — high-potency for most CBD users taking the supplement to support mild to moderate symptoms

What We Love About Gold Bee

• Some of the purest CBD oils on the market
• Incredible cost to strength ratio (very high value CBD oil)
• Buying from this company supports small American business
• 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all orders
• Available in natural or honey flavors
• Every batch is third-party tested to prove the claims made on the bottle

3. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is the opposite of Gold Bee — they’re a behemoth CBD company that’s been in the business for several years now. The company also choses to make its products from CBD isolate instead of full-spectrum hemp extract.

There are some benefits to using a CBD isolate, but also some negatives. The main benefit is that the oil is guaranteed to contain no THC — which is the main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis plants. While none of the other CBD oils on the list have enough THC to make you feel high, some people prefer to avoid even trace amounts of this substance.

However, the disadvantage of CBD isolates is that you miss out on the combined benefits of the other compounds present in full-spectrum oils. There have been dozens of studies proving that the combination of all hemp-derived compounds work better together than individually.

For this reason, you’ll likely need a higher dose of CBD isolate oils like Hemp Bombs than a full-spectrum oil like Royal CBD or Gold Bee to get the same level of effects.

If you’re sold on CBD isolates, Hemp Bombs is an excellent option.

Hemp Bombs comes in potencies ranging all the way from 125 mg to 4000 mg per bottle. We recommend you avoid the very low-potency options and aim for the 500 mg bottle or larger to get the best value for your money and avoid using weak, anemic CBD oils.

What We Love About Hemp Bombs

•Large company keeps prices competitive and offers large product-range
• All batches are third-party tested for quality assurance
• Made from CBD isolate (this is both a negative and positive point)
• Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee

Summary: Buying Quality CBD Oil in 2020
CBD oils are all the rage these days, and with what’s currently going on around the world, CBD oils have only become incredibly popular as people look for ways to help manage their anxiety.

While it’s hard to deny the benefits of CBD for conditions like anxiety, insomnia, pain, or inflammation — these effects are only realistically achieved if you order from a reputable CBD company.

In order to avoid wasting your money on underpowered CBD oils from companies that are lying about cannabinoid profiles or sourcing hemp from cheap sources — we highly recommend you take a closer look at the brands listed above.

All three company’s have an excellent track record in the CBD space and offer products at fair and affordable prices.

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