VIDEO: Detroit Tigers outfielder flips off crowd after error

click to enlarge VIDEO: Detroit Tigers outfielder flips off crowd after error
photo via facebook

Of all of pro sports, baseball might be the most chill — besides golf, which is just boring. But at last night's Tigers home game against the Oakland Athletics, Tigers outfielder Tyler Collins flipped the ol' bird and mouthed what looked like "fuck them all" to the crowd after misplaying a pop-up.  
Not only could fans see Collins giving the finger from inside the ballpark, but it was clearly visible on TV. Ouch. 

According to Fox 2 News, Collins was going for a pop-up ball when the lights from the stadium blinded him and he missed it. Since sports fans like to think of professional athletes as infallible gods whose rare mistakes are endlessly criticized, it's understandable that Collins was a tad annoyed that fans were booing him on his home turf. But giving the middle finger to the crowd who paid actual money? Probably not the best response.

Here is a vine from the actual play that happened last night: 
Obviously, Tigers fans were not too happy with Collins' actions and many of them took to Twitter to express their feelings, as most of us tend to do. 

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